Announcing our "Out of the Darkness" free nurses portraits May 6 - May 13, 2021.

Last year, we honored nurses on the front line to thank them for their heroism. We told their stories with art and narration of what living through Covid-19 was like. We realize the pandemic is not over, but that we can, in fact, see the light at the end of the tunnel. So, we'd like to again honor our frontline health care workers this year, but rather than their (your) stressed poignant images in full PPE, we ask that they (you) submit your selfie photos this year in your health care environment (i.e. nursing scrubs) but with the PPE eye guards raised and your masks down (if safe), so we can capture your happiness and hope for 2121.

Fill out the application/submission form below, and please include "your story" of what it means to have lived through this historic time, how it changed you, and what your hopes are for the future as our country recovers.

Thank you again for all you do, stay safe, and stay hopeful!

Reference Photo Instructions

The quality of the photo submitted will often dictate the quality of the final painting. We are doing portraits, so, much like a selfie, only shoot the head and face. Shoot the photo with a decluttered background (as much as possible) and enough light on the subject's face to be able to see the white or "sparkle" in their eyes. The resolution isn't critical as long as it's standard smart phone resolution.

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Free portrait application form

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