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About us

"I got the idea for Paint My Hero watching TV and seeing someone sing an original song about heroes just two days before Nurses Week was to begin in 2020 . I know about Nurses Week because my wife is a nurse and was caring for Covid-19 patients. She's my hero.

I've been designing, creating art and painting in fine art mediums most of my life. I own a design firm in Chicago called Design Design Communications. I got interested in doing AI art in 2016 and in 2019, started a business that paints portraits at corporate events like trade shows. It's something that's fun and draws a crowd, for sure. But I was also working on techniques where the painting takes literally hours, if not days, and the final image is highly detailed with tiny paint splatters, brush strokes, and canvas texture.

So, I initially decided to honor nurses and paint their portraits for free during Nurses' Week. It's not so much about the art, it's about the nurses and their stories. They submit a few sentences or paragraphs about how they are personally and professionally affected by the pandemic. In the future, we will be honoring other heroes with free portraits. Join Our Mailing List so we can stay in touch.


My son, Cole, is helping me keep up by managing the social media and being my partner in helping out with just about anything needed.

- Curt Hamilton, founder

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